Clearance Vanilla House Patterns – Shipping March 6

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  • 114-just-front-coverWe know you love your satchels because they carry so much! Buy they’re boxy! Why not have the space of a satchel with the style of a fabulous purse! (12″ x 15″). Plenty of pockets – optional zipper pocket using our polyester zipper pocket technique.

  • P113 Sort Things Out pattern cover Big Pockets Hanger (14″ x 35″), Long Pockets Hanger (35″ x 8′), and Hanger Tote (17″ x 13″) are the three projects for getting things organized around the house.

  • Pillow Party

    Pillow Party

    Five pillow styles from which to accessorize your favorite room! Layered blocking makes them easy! Square pillows use pre-purchased pillow forms and the neck rolls show you how to make your own pillow forms.

  • Pippi Flowerpot

    Pippi Flowerpot

    16 inch girl

    Parts of the pattern: body, shirt, shorts, hair, face, shoe laces, embellishments.

    Embellishments include: seed bag, ladybug, space, flowerpot, sign, necklace.