Clearance Vanilla House Patterns

Bargain prices for out-of-print patterns
  • 114-just-front-coverWe know you love your satchels because they carry so much! Buy they’re boxy! Why not have the space of a satchel with the style of a fabulous purse! (12″ x 15″). Plenty of pockets – optional zipper pocket using our polyester zipper pocket technique.

  • P113 Sort Things Out pattern cover Big Pockets Hanger (14″ x 35″), Long Pockets Hanger (35″ x 8′), and Hanger Tote (17″ x 13″) are the three projects for getting things organized around the house.

  • Pattern for four different placemats: placemat with red roses and turquoise border, placemat with coral flowers and light green border, placemat with poinsettias and bright green border, placemat with fall leaves and brown border.

  • Pattern for four different styles of table runners:

    • Runner with black border and multi-colored flowers
    • Runner with red border and yellow flowers
    • Runner with pink print border and red daisies
    • Runner with black and coral print border and coral flowers
  • The napkin in the pocket completes the motif.

    Four seasonal placemats for spring, summer fall, and Christmas. The napkin in the pocket makes the top of the character. Size: 20 inch by 13 inch.

    Spring Bunny Placemat
    Summer Flowers Placemat
    Fall Harvest Placemat
    Christmas Season Placemat

  • Handle It!

    Handle It!

    Four similar purses with different handle versions. Features Cover Purse Handles. The size of the purse is 12 inches by 8 inches, a great size for teenagers.

    Purse designs:

    Bright fabric with circle-shaped handles, country fabric with u-shaped handles, ethnic fabric with u-shaped handles, and blue/yellow fabric with strappy handles.

  • Pillow Party

    Pillow Party

    Five pillow styles from which to accessorize your favorite room! Layered blocking makes them easy! Square pillows use pre-purchased pillow forms and the neck rolls show you how to make your own pillow forms.

  • Sewing Accessories

    Sewing Accessories

    Sewing Machine Caddy and Accessories

    Fat quarters work great for this pattern if desiring different fabrics for pockets, backgrounds, pin cushion, and trims.

    Projects include:

    • Sewing Machine Caddy with Pin Cushion
    • Sewer’s Clutch
    • Teacup Pin Cushion
  • Powder Room Essentials

    Powder Room Essentials

    Eleven useful projects to complete your bathroom decor:

    • Cosmetic bag with clear pockets
    • Cosmetic bad with fabric pockets
    • Diamond sachet
    • Hour-glass sachet
    • Double pocket hanger
    • Hand and tea towel embellishments
    • Table scarf
    • Lotion bottle holder
    • Fabric catch-all box
    • No-sew covered boxes
  • Kitchen Collection

    Kitchen Collection

    Eleven charming home decorating ideas for the kitchen, including:

    • Placemat that hangs off the table
    • Placemat with checkerboard trim
    • Placemat with silverware holder
    • Bottle holer
    • Oven mitt
    • Teapot cozy
    • Table runner
    • Oval fabric basket.
  • Four 14″ x 22″ wall hangings perfect to decorate your home and welcome your company.

    Use 100% cottons for fabric and batting. Fabric requirements are based on 44 inch (112 cm) wide. If there is a vertical pattern on the fabric you selected, you may need more fabric.


    Annie's Courtyard

    A collection of keepsake projects

    Projects include:

    • Three Part Harmony Wall Quilt – 13 inch by 30 inch
    • Annie Angel – 19 inch doll
    • Floral Heart Wall Quilt – 19 inch by 25 inch
    • Applique Box and Gift Bag
  • Charming front door decoration!

    Greet your friends with this whimsical 22 inch Santa hanging on the front door.

  • Kristopher Rabbit

    Kristopher Rabbit

    16 inch bunny

    Materials needed include:

    • Terry for body
    • RIT dye
    • Fabric for coat, inner ear
    • Terry for coat trim
    • Fiberfill stuffing
    • 3″ Wreath
    • Steel wire
    • Light colored flannel for antlers
  • Littlest Bear

    Littlest Bear

    10 inch sitting bear

    Constructed with white terry, plush felt, this is one of our best selling patterns from our set of earlier patterns.

    The instructions cover the wings, body, arms, legs, ears, and head.

    This littlest bear is one of the designers favorites.

  • Pippi Flowerpot

    Pippi Flowerpot

    16 inch girl

    Parts of the pattern: body, shirt, shorts, hair, face, shoe laces, embellishments.

    Embellishments include: seed bag, ladybug, space, flowerpot, sign, necklace.